Dear Google Play,

We’ve created this page to deliver irrefutable proof that there is a valid relationship between this website and the Advolympics app, delivered to Google Play by Deviate, currently under appeal for reinstatement with case ID [6-7061000012854].

We hereby confirm that the Advolympics foundation has authorized and approved the Advolympics app. The app is not in any way impersonating this website, but is simply a logical extension to it.

As additional proof, please click here for a signed document that proves the Advolympics foundation has formally tasked Deviate with updating both the Advolympics website and apps to be ready for the 2016 edition of the event.

We trust the existence of this document on this specific domain and the linked document above resolve any claim of violation of your Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy.

Please reinstate our app to the benefit of our mutual users at the earliest opportunity.


Frans Crul
Board, Advolympics Foundation

Moniek Kassenaar
Board, Advolympics Foundation

Jorge Liauw